#rsrh I thank the Washington Press Corps on behalf of the GOP.

Your prostrate willingness to let President Obama set the precedent that the White House no longer has to wait for you to get your [expletive deleted] together before the President goes anywhere is appreciated.  It will be appreciated even more starting about, oh, I don’t know: late January 2013 or so.

And trust me: we’re going to point this out.  A lot.  As well as every other lapdog action engaged in by the media during the Interregnum…

(Via Instapundit)

Moe Lane

PS: My response to the Washington press corps is largely identical my response to progressives who don’t like being walked on by Establishment Democrats: I cannot respect people who visible do not respect themselves.  I am not obliged to do so; neither am I inclined to do so; and so I shan’t.

One thought on “#rsrh I thank the Washington Press Corps on behalf of the GOP.”

  1. I propose that people who aim to misbehave go to their local hardware stores and garden centers and purchase some inexpensive foam knee pads. Then they can obtain some of those round rising-sun Obama campaign stickers — preferably for free, from the campaign or as a gift from a rabid Democrat — and affix a sticker to each kneepad. Then they can ostentatiously present pairs of Presidential Kneepads at public events to the detached, professional, impartial newsmedia people who cover Our Glorious Leader.

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