#rsrh My personal recommendations for the TX Primaries.

The primary is today in Texas, and as the title says: I have some suggestions for you.  I’m putting them here because although I do not expect that RedState would particularly object to the first two, I am in point of fact making a recommendation in a Democratic primary, and RS has a policy of not helping out liberal Democrats unless we really, really need to.


  • TX-SEN: Ted Cruz.  I’ve talked to him a couple of times; smart guy, good friend of RS, definitely best suited to take over KBH’s seat.  The goal here is a run-off election, which kind of sucks for Texas – they’ve had a thoroughly mucked-up primary calendar already, thanks to the refusal of the Democrats to admit that elections have consequences – but, well, Ted Cruz for TX-SEN.
  • TX-25: Michael Williams.  I’ve been reporting on Mike for years; I like him and I think that he’ll do well by his district, the state, and the conservative movement by being in Washington.  He’s got a good resume, particularly on energy issues, not to mention ‘getting elected in statewide contests.’  Plus, bow tie.  I respect bow ties: they’re the political equivalent of the Cunning Hat.
  • TX-18 (Democratic): Maurice Duhon, Jr.  I’m pretty sure that this guy doesn’t want my endorsement.  I’m pretty sure that this guy will vote opposite my opinions on just about everything.  I’m even pretty sure that this guy despises Republicans.  BUT SHEILA JACKSON-LEE IS AS DUMB AS A GOD-D*MNED STUMP.  Yes, yes, I know: I’ve gotten great copy out of her, over the years.  But I can’t take it any more: the constant psychic wave of idiocy that emanates from her oppresses.  Let Rep. Jackson-Lee be cast out, in order to let someone from the new generation of abysmally stupid Democratic politicians take her place.

Voting’s today: so if you’re a Texan, make sure to hit the polling stations.


  • Skip says:

    I went this morning, voted Cruz, Newt, and pretty much left everything else blank. Polling station was empty at 8am, but then again, this is Austin…

  • Liber Ex Machina says:

    Went and voted (Cruz, only non-Romney still in at some capacity [just for the rabble-rousing factor], some local stuff and referenda). Still bitter about Wendy Davis (TX Sen-D) essentially disenfranchising my presidential primary vote ‘cuz she thinks Texas is racist. My primary gets delayed by almost 3 months just because you think you are entitled, as a white liberal, to your weird half Hispanic, half-black majority-minority district? For shame.
    Hey, Romney, if you want me to feel better about thinking to cast a ballot your way, how about you pledge to repeal the “Southern states are, by definition, racist and need the Justice department to approve new voter maps” section of the Voter Rights Act? I don’t want to have votes robbed from me again next decade/in two years…

  • Trent says:

    Why all the hate for stumps? I expect an apology for all the stumps out there that you’ve maligned.

  • Ric Locke says:

    Just got back from voting. The only race pertinent to your recommendations for me was Cruz, and I duly mashed the touchscreen button there.

    Oh, and a mash for Mitt as well. Least bad of the alternatives, I reckon.

    The rest was mostly local races that won’t matter much ’til November, but I did my bit for sanity there, too.

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