I think that Mitt Romney should make a deal with Barack Obama.

Romney will not try to be a community organizer – whatever the heck that is – and, in exchange? Obama will not try to make any more ‘strategic investments.’

(As always: when the other side gleefully captures your argument and sends it around, you probably have not won that particular round.)

Executive summary of the video:

Chuck Todd: Erm, the GOP kind of has a point about this entire Solyndra/Bain comparison thing.

Stephanie Cutter: No, they don’t […I think that’s what she said.  Coherence levels were… low.]

As Jim Geraghty not-quite-cruelly noted, Mitt Romney simply is going to win any “Who is better at making money?” argument out there.  It would be best for everyone, really, if the Obama campaign decided to concentrate its electoral message on the things that it’s good at.


Well… things that it’s good at that won’t make the general populace wince if those things are brought up.

:further pause:

Well, I’m sure that the administration will come up with an example of one any moment now.  I keep getting told that they’re geniuses, after all; surely this is not beyond their powers…

Moe Lane


  • Spegen says:

    Drone attacks?
    Pissing off traditional allies?
    Bowing to foreign leaders?

    Personally flew into Pak and kiled Osama in a man to man duel with sabers at dawn? Yep they will go with that one

  • Jeff Weimer says:

    He got Bin Laden! That counts, right?

  • lourae says:

    That chyron . . . it’s like a raspberry truffle from See’s.

  • MikeCG says:

    If Barack Obama can make the campaign about whether or not he loves his daughters, he stands a chance. [pause] …hehehe!

  • BigGator5 says:

    @MikeCG: Heh, you mean his sons?

  • Jbird says:

    The white house garden is kinda nice. I like playing pickup basketball too. And. . . . um. . . beer summits, I like holding my own personal beer summits with anyone or no one in particular, so that wasn’t a terrible idea. . . . hm. The whole Asia Pacific pivot has been going pretty well, as long as we keep the Philippines from firing on Chinese war ships over a oceanic border dispute. That actually might be Obama’s signature achievement when it’s all said and done. He finally had the space to carry out the re-orientation of American foreign policy from the Atlantic to the Pacific with a concentration on China that Bush wanted to do before he got bogged down in the GWOT…to bad for Obama, most people don’t care because the economy has been putrid for his entire administration and he’s done nothing (effective) to make it better.

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