#rsrh Wondering why that Eisenhower monument monstrosity…

…is still going up, despite the fact that opposition to it in Congress ranges from Darrell Issa to Jim Moran? Try looking at the links. The architect (Frank Gehry) is a pet of the Pritzker family of Chicago (yeah, the ones who own Hyatt); and Penny Pritzker, of course, is herself one of President Obama’s pets. Or possibly it’s the other way around…

Either way, it’s perhaps not exactly an accident that a ‘monument’ made by this guy is still in production. Despite the fact that the Eisenhower family itself hates the design. Guess old Dwight should have gotten into the hotel business, instead of just helping to save Western civilization from its home-grown barbarians. Really! Some people have such skewed priorities…


  • JeffV says:

    Seems kind of odd and and apparently somewhat problematic. For an Eisenhower memorial, I would think something solid, reliable and All-American would be called for. I’ve already told my wife not to get fancy with my memorial, just the standard, traditional equestrian statue will be fine.

  • Rob Crawford says:

    Bronze, I hope, JeffV. Mine will be modeled after the Marcus Aurelius equestrian in the Capitoline Museum.

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