#rsrh Barack Obama, nostalgic over campaign finance reform. …Wait, WHAT?

I’m embarrassed at myself.  I didn’t notice this Victor David Hanson (via Ed Driscoll) pointed this out to me:

[Barack Obama]: It will be coming to a head in this election. We’re going to have as stark a contrast as we’ve seen in a very long time between the two candidates. 2008 was a significant election, obviously. But John McCain believed in climate change. John believed in campaign-finance reform. He believed in immigration reform. There were some areas where you saw some overlap.

What? John McCain actually did believe in “campaign-finance reform,” but candidate and President Barack Obama most certainly did not: He was the first presidential candidate in the general election to renounce public campaign financing in the history of the legislation so that he could go on to out-raise McCain three to one.

I… may have gotten a little too accustomed to the notion that (to paraphrase Stephen King) Barack Obama lies when it suits him.  This normally shouldn’t have gotten past me.

Moe Lane


  • jaed says:

    Dude. He’s not referring to government financing of campaigns… he’s nostalgic for McCain-Feingold. Specifically, the legal limitations on criticizing politicians running for office. He found the Citizens United decision hurtful, remember? That’s what he’s talking about.

  • bill54 says:

    That does make more sense, Jaed.

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