#rsrh JammieWF.com has a (unfortunately) HYSTERICAL video…

…via the MacIver Institute that you absolutely have to watch. I’m not embedding it because Jimmie and the rest of the guys could use the traffic, and I’m just swell like that sometimes… hush, ye peanut gallery scoffers! HUSH!

Seriously, the video is funny… in a Dark Humor sense. What’s not really funny is the fact that the Democrats wound up the Wisconsin recall people – just like the Democrats wound up the anti-war people – and now that it’s over those Wisconsin recall people are going to end up out there, drifting in the Deep Dark, with no real understanding of what happened, or why they were used.

That’s not really a nice thing to do to human beings.

Moe Lane


  • MWR says:

    Moe, it’s like you threw that “human beings” in there at the end SPECIFICALLY so someone would come along and say they aren’t human beings; they’re alien fleshbags created through a fiendish cocktail of Starbucks’ lattes, crocodile tears and inchoate rage.

  • earlgrey says:

    This is kind of reminds me of how I take video and pictures of my kids when they are throwing temper tantrums and then I show it to them later. They like to deny it.

  • countrydoc says:

    It amazes me, the level of self-delusion. Their loss was not because of corporate money, the media or the evil Koch brothers. It was the people. The people heard their message and turned their backs to these losers.

  • qixlqatl says:

    I couldn’t watch all of that: it was too sad.

  • K M Scane says:

    Linked to this while looking at Erick’s Hot Air Recco, this A M .
    Really liked how they were going after The Freaking CNN Bus Driver, and *Thistle* was beyond ‘Precious’. {Just who does her hair, anyway?}

    …and that immense, surging crowd…! All 100 of them.
    Shake a structure long enough and the Latent Crud always falls out of the cracks.

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