#rsrh Jon Stewart kicks the WI recallers while they’re down.

And by ‘down’ I mean… oh, just watch the video. I kept waiting for Stewart to leave off kicking the Left on this – I was prepared and ready to accept that Stewart would leave off kicking the Left – but he. Did. Not. Stop.

Unless there was more than what was on that clip. But what was on that clip was not so much brutal as it was completely aimed at one side. That wasn’t mine. Highly surreal.


  • Kresh says:

    Yeah, Stewart took them to task. I would have liked to see the rest of it though. Steward rarely gives without taking.

  • qsclues says:

    Stewart will do that every once in a while. His complete blasting of Martha Coakley after losing to Scott Brown was pretty good, as was “The Audacity of Hos”, ripping the media for getting scooped on the ACORN stuff by O’Keefe.

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