Deconstructing this week’s Democratic economic agitprop.

(Via Hot Air)  Michael Tomasky, now that he is finished swallowing his gum from watching the Lightworker flail about like… someone who went from undistinguished state Senator to President of the United States in four short years, all the while learning not a darn thing… would like to offer the President a counter-narrative.

The story, in a nutshell, is this: we inherited a total disaster, things are getting better, and Romney will bring us back to disaster. The last part is the most important: putting the emphasis back on the challenger.

Because apparently not even the Online Left is willing to really pretend that this administration can be trusted to come in out of the rain.  But enough cheap shots and other innocent amusements: let’s unpack this argument.  Such as it is.

We inherited a total disaster

Which the President proceeded to make startlingly worse.

Note, by the way, that at this point it’s a little difficult to discuss actual budgets: the Democrats have been refusing to pass one since before they lost the House of Representatives.

…things are getting better…

No, they are not.

This graph, for those who can’t see it, shows the various rates of job recovery after the epicenter of various recessions.  Short version: the deepest recession in over seventy years… and a malignantly slower recovery than any in that time period.  Note well, by the way: Barack Obama’s argument is that he can do less to affect the economy than George W. Bush could.  Which is almost true (the reality is, Barack Obama is drastically more incompetent at managing a recovery than Bush was), but would not exactly be a flattering admission even if it was true.

…and Romney will bring us back to disaster.

Define ‘disaster.’

For that matter, define ‘bring us back.’ Because we’re having one now.

The last part is the most important: putting the emphasis back on the challenger.

But I’ll grant Tomasky this: changing the subject is about the only way that Barack Obama can hope to get re-elected.  Lord knows that telling the truth on the economy won’t help the man.

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  • Catseye says:

    It’s not really a counter narrative because it brings up for discussion all the damage Barack The Incompetent has done and will continue to do.

  • Lady Penguin says:

    Incompetence on maybe on Obama’s part, intentional on the part of the people driving him. The problem is: 1) they didn’t get it done quick enough, 2) new media caused them to lose some control of the information getting out there, 3) the reality of life under a socialist (ultimately, communist) system.

  • Spegen says:

    Does anyone have the jobs graph from the depression so we can compare?

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