#rsrh Richard Carmona (D CAND, AZ-SEN PRI) admits his state is NOT in play for Barack Obama.

But you knew that anyway.

Democratic Senate hopeful Richard Carmona distanced himself Monday from President Barack Obama, saying he had “no connection” with the man who urged him to run for office.

His comments come months after it was first reported the president personally called the former U.S. surgeon general and asked him to get into the race.

“Let me set the record straight, OK,” Carmona told 3TV. “I have no connections to President Obama.”

In fact, I’m only mentioning it because of a quirk in American election lore: apparently no President in – recent? – history has won re-election without also winning a state that he didn’t win in the previous cycle*.  There’s an argument that this is more than a statistical quirk because it represents the need for an incumbent President to increase his support along a broader spectrum of the electorate, and you can believe as much of that as you like.  The important thing is that Arizona is the only McCain ’08 state that Obama is currently even pretending to contest in 2012; and the hysterical thing is that Obama will still have to pretend to contest this state. The alternative is to admit that the current status of the OfA re-election campaign resembles that of a sandcastle when the tide’s coming in…

Moe Lane

(See also The Washington Free Beacon and Hot Air Headlines)


*GW Bush got New Mexico; Clinton got Arizona; Reagan & Nixon… well, it wasn’t good to be a Democratic Presidential nominee in ’84 & 72; Eisenhower picked up Greater Appalachia; and I’m not sure how to score FDR, except that it works for ’36 – which was not a good year to be a Republican Presidential nominee.  Prior to that it begins to get complicated.


  • K M Scane says:

    “Will The Last Rat off The Ship fire a flare so we don’t have to wonder…?”
    Denying The One? What’s ‘The Progressive Penance’ for that slight?
    {An endless loop of his SOTU Speeches might be required listening for …say.. 30 days straight}

  • lourae says:

    “. . it appears Democrats are becoming uncomfortable . . “

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