#rsrh The TSA messes up in Providence.

They decided to give Chris Loesch – husband to Dana Loesch – the full blue-glove treatment.  And now they’re going to get a full set of headaches out of it.  Personally, I don’t care about the full body scans… but nothing in Dana’s account is incompatible with the conclusion that there’s a quiet group consensus by the TSA to make sure that the people who do object to the full body scans have as unpleasant an alternative as possible.  After all, what are the odds that somebody with a big megaphone and an inclination to use it will be randomly picked to be made example of…

:rattle rattle:

Whoops!  Critical fumble.


  • earlgrey says:

    I opt out, and the worst part is that they make you wait behind equipment while they get a screener to pat you down. I don’t like this because I can’t see my belongings. I recently had this happen when traffic in the airport was very low, and I asked to step forward just a couple of feet so I could watch my belongings and the lady wouldn’t let me. She was immediately rude telling me that “you opted out.”. I have gotten this response before when complaining about not getting to see my belongings. It is kind of like that is their way of punishing you.

    As time ticked by and I increasingly felt helpless I told her I needed to be able to see my belongings. She told me it was “like I was demainding something”, which is true. I tried to get her to have someone bring the belongings to my eyesight, but she declined. She did keep looking at the belt so maybe she was trying to do her part.

    The good news is she reassured me that no one was going to steal anything from my bag. I can now rest easy.

  • Ric Locke says:

    Not a critical fumble. Three yards and a bit.

    It’s another prong to the anti-gun-owner strategy: all the mumbling about “nitrates”. The false-positive response of the nitrate sensors is either a Godsend (to them) or was engineered in from the first.

    If nobody who’s ever handled a gun can pass “security” to ride on an airplane, they’ve gained a little. Ms. Loesch may be able to generate some embarrassment, but they’ll just blame it all on the individual doing the searching and the whole thing will disappear from consciousness — except that the anti-gun narrative got advanced just a little bit, just the tiniest bit, so little you’d hardly notice…

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