Hi, #p2 & #wirecall. Not only did President Obama lie about Wisconsin…

…specifically, that he had, um, stuff to do that kept him from Wisconsin until progressives had been sufficiently spanked by the electorate last Tuesday – anyway.  It’s not just a lie; it’s a stupid lie.  And we all know that it’s a stupid lie.  The President only cares about getting more money and (not incidentally) re-elected.  Since the participants in the Wisconsin recall will already undoubtedly be ponying up personally – they’re rather good at that, from what I hear – and since too-close an association with said forces will end up being a net negative for the President, then clearly progressives need to understand why Obama just wants to keep their relationship… special.  Secret. The world can’t understand the purity of the bond that they and he share.

:shrug: You can’t make me respect somebody who won’t respect themselves.  I believe that we’ve gone over this already, yes?

Moe Lane

PS: For the record: George W Bush had his flaws, like everybody else.  But I’m blessed if I can think of any time where Bush showed anything like the casual contempt towards his own political base that Barack Obama routinely shows towards progressive and liberal Democrats.  Even when Bush was breaking with us over things he at least had the elementary decency of respecting our dignity…

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