The Hot Gate not-review.

You know, I was going to write a quick note about John Ringo’s Troy Rising series – I’m trying to finish rereading The Hot Gate before I hit the sack, which is why today’s posting is… uneven – but then I got distracted by…


Actually, no.  It’s not really that important a political development, and the book (and series) is frankly more interesting anyway.  A pretty decent ongoing series about the kind of First Contact scenario that ends up being the “and this is where the debris from the last five space battles ended up” kind of scenario.  I like it, not least because Ringo is basing all of this off of the backstory of Schlock Mercenary.  Not to everyone’s tastes, but to mine.

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  • BigFire says:

    Well, not 100%, since Schlockverse and Troy Rising history have significant divergence, but it’s kind of based on Schlockverse first contact. I look forward to more stories in this universe.

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