#rsrh Rasmussen 52/36 Thompson/Baldwin.

Assuming that the poll is correct – or even correct enough – sixteen points is… a pretty comfortable lead.  What may be more of interest is that Rep. Baldwin only gets about 42%-44% against the other Republican candidates; she’s effectively tied with all of them.  This is not good news for the Democrats; they are simply not prepared for an election battlespace where they have to pump money and energy into Wisconsin.

Particularly since these results don’t exist in a vacuum. If Wisconsin is really as in-play as its numbers suggest (and Rasmussen is showing a trend in the WI Presidential race that suggests that it is), then… what about the other states in the area?  The Midwest was exceptionally blue in 2008; but since then the Democratic party’s taken, as they say, an arrow in the knee.  Has everybody calibrated accordingly?

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