Friend of mine on Twitter suggested that I fund-raise for this new wargame:

Leviathans.  An alternate history wargame featuring flying battleships.  Very pretty, very interesting, very enticing… and so very, very expensive. The main game is a hundred bucks.

But, what the heck: if somebody wants to buy it for me I won’t say no. It does look fun.


  • BigGator5 says:

    I don’t know Moe. This guy has a what appears to be a homemade I’m A Giant Douchebag sign behind him when the video begins. Are you sure you want to give this guy money?

  • Doug Stewart says:

    That’s Jonathan Liu of GeekDad — he’s doing the unblocking, it’s not his game.

    Disclaimer: I know Jon Liu. Good guy. Helped him out of a tight spot in a WordPress situation or three. Lefty, yes, but of a rather relentlessly nice sort.

  • Doug Stewart says:

    Unboxing. Stupid autocorrect.

  • Luke says:

    Well, it looks cool. I’m kind of lusting after the minis.
    The downside is that I don’t see any fixed objectives (as pieces or on the map) that would keep the battle from wandering off the edge of the map. Granted, they’re big maps, but we’re talking about two fleets jockeying for position and trying to cross the T on the other. Even if they only move a couple of hexes a turn, you’re going to run out of board in a hurry.
    I’d definately want to see it played before dropping that kind of dough.

  • Skip says:

    Oh hey, Moe, one thing coming up you might be interested in – Larry Correia announced that his Monster Hunter International setting is getting an RPG guidebook. He didn’t announce what system it was going to be, but just about any system should be workable with a decent enough GM. Now if I could only find one here in Austin…

  • Darkcloud says:

    You folks should check out “Dropship Commander” from Hawk Wargames…10mm sci-fi, the minis are unbelievable…

  • Rob Crawford says:

    As there are already a set of “Monster Hunter” source books for GURPS, I’d be surprised if that was the system targeted. It would be cool as heck, though.

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