#rsrh I have a radical notion for Democrats.

There was this guy who was big in the Democratic party a few years ago. Had a fairly interesting name: Obediah? Omerta? Observer? :snapping fingers: Obama! Barry Obama. Anyway, this Obama guy had some strong views on separation of powers and the need to not rule via executive fiat, particularly when it comes to straightening out illegal immigration.

So, the Democrats should totally get this guy to jump into the Democratic primaries. He’s still too liberal for me, but this Obama guy would completely destroy the slapdash equivocator leading in the Democratic primaries right now…


  • Free-range Oyster says:

    Thanks, Moe. That tasty bit of snark helped make the rage just a little easier to choke back. My poor family thanks you. 🙂

  • Rob Crawford says:

    Amazingly, Obama has just made the RINO “path to amnesty” more palatable to the immigration hardliners.

  • NotSoBlueStater says:

    Governing is harder than politicking, though.

    Whether you loved him or hated him, generally speaking Bush II governed based on a set of principles that really didn’t change all that much with time, and his approval ratings showed it.

    Government’s problem is analogous to Wall Street’s problem: Long-term strategic planning is complicated when you have elections to win, or quarters to beat. The difference between the two is that when you think long-term in politics, they take your company away.

    Point being: Better to judge what he’s actually doing than to play the hypocrisy card. If we don’t give politicians a little room to “grow” in office… Well, just imagine he’d done all of those things he’d promised relative to the War on Terror, for example.

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