#rsrh Picture of the Day, This Is The Right Mindset edition.

Via @shepherdCNN, via @cayankee:

Mitt Romney visits the press bus - no one was there of course... on Twitpic

You guys have it way too soft – nice ride.
PS: Erased your hard drives –

Obviously, the mindset in question is not ‘Let’s erase their hard drives!’ – although you can expect some reflexive attempts by the Online Left to make it so, bless their hearts – it’s ‘I’m not going to walk on eggshells around you folks.’  Which is… reassuring.

Moe Lane


  • David says:

    This is hilarious! I love it, not least because some of them probably immediately shouted ‘that SOB’ and went and checked their computers.

  • Murgatroyd says:

    I kinda wish he’d checked their e-mail accounts for JournoList2 posts.

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