Beau Biden Opens His Mouth, helps seal DOOM for North Carolina.

Dear God, it’s genetic:

[Son of VP Biden and former DE AG Beau] Biden mentioned that Romney didn’t seek a second term as Massachusetts governor, suggesting his failed economic policies hurt him. “I’ve never met a successful politician who didn’t run again,” said Biden, the Delaware attorney general.

The crowd collectively groaned.

And it wasn’t a happy groan, either. Here are three reasons why this was a [Insert Male Name] Biden Opens His Mouth:

  1. Historically speaking… well, while I would agree that Woodrow Wilson was an unmitigated disaster for the Republic (served all of two years as Governor when elected President in 1912), I’m surprised that Beau Biden thinks so, too. I assume that he thinks the same of Teddy Roosevelt (same situation as Wilson when he was elected Vice President in 1900); admittedly, Beau Biden never ‘met’ either, but you’d think that the man would be more careful of the memory of two Progressive icons.
  2. While we’re on the subject: the last time Barack Obama ran for re-election was in 2002, as a state senator. He has become rather infamous since then for playing the “find a better job in lieu of doing his current one” political game since then. Again, not quite what Biden said, but then a true [Insert Male Name] Biden Opens His Mouth moment is in the Dear God, did you stop to think about the implications of that before you said it? reaction it triggers in onlookers.
  3. Third, and most immediately importantly: Beau Biden made these comments at a North Carolina Democratic fund-raising dinner. North Carolina’s current (Democratic) governor is Bev Perdue – who is, of course, not running for re-election, and not by her own choice*. Which is why the crowd, as put it, “collectively groaned.”

It’s so nice to see one of the younger generation honor the traditions of his father. Particularly when the father is on the opposite political side than me, and the tradition in question is “Blurt out stupid things without thinking about them first.”

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*She was also not at the dinner, due to political leprosy strep throat.

4 thoughts on “Beau Biden Opens His Mouth, helps seal DOOM for North Carolina.”

  1. Didn’t Beau himself take a pass on running for his father’s Senate seat? Or something?

  2. Dear God, is the gene pool in Delaware really that shallow? It’s one of two States I’ve never visited, so I know nothing about it except seeing what rose to the top…

  3. Beau thought he was going to run against Castle, so sat out the primary. Oops. He is dead ended in Delaware. No one is going to let him so much as run for Governor any time soon.

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