#rsrh @MMFlint is still alive?

Sorry if I sound confused, but this is the most media attention that the man’s gotten in the last year or so.  Which is why he’s now a shill for Obama, I guess.  I am told* that quitting media attention cold turkey is a heck of a thing, and that it’s worse when it’s involuntary…

Moe Lane

PS: Hey, Mikey, in case you haven’t heard: Scott Walker won the recall, so he’s still the governor of Wisconsin. Were you involved in that, on the other side?  I ask because if you were, it didn’t exactly make the news.

*Not that I’d know. Or want to know. And those grapes were probably sour anyway.


  • Skip says:

    I guess he could follow in his alter-ego’s footsteps from Team America World Police…

  • BigGator5 says:

    Was he eating a double-cheeseburger with bacon and a bacon sundae, with a giant diet coke (because you shouldn’t drink too much sugar, just ask New York Mayor Bloomberg) when he tweeted that message?

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