#rsrh I detect a theme in Mitt Romney’s campaign ads.

Judging from this:


Team Romney is more or less leaning on Barack Obama’s willingness to provide them with damfool statements that directly contradict the damfool statements that Barack Obama made several years ago.  This would worry me, except that apparently the President still hasn’t mastered the skill of not digging himself in any deeper.  One wonders what it will take before Obama starts to recognize his limitations.  Losing a Left Coast state?  That might prove to be a laudable shock to the system…

Via @RyanGOP.

Moe Lane



  • earlgrey says:

    while I agree there is plenty of material there. Shouldn’t Romney be giving the public something to vote for???

  • Phineas says:


    He does. For example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yR6JM6eUOvw

    Granted, he has more attack ads, but they’re necessary to keep the other side on the defensive. Besides, Obama keeps giving him so much material… 🙂

  • acat says:

    The “something to vote for” is out there, earlgrey – go visit mittromney.com – and it shows up in Romney’s speeches .. it’s just not the focus of the ads.

    Doing the “vision thing” part of the campaign, i.e. not being the anti-Obama, becomes more important after Labor Day, when most voters start paying attention.


  • Rob Crawford says:

    The amusing thing is, Moe, they won’t admit they’ve lost a state until after the election. Perhaps not even then, if they continue the left’s habit of blaming every election loss on everybody else.

  • Skip says:

    @earlgrey, in a word, no. Because he can either run on his record in Massachusetts, in which case he’s done, or repudiate his record in Massachusetts, in which case, as a flip-flopper, he’s done. As a liberal Republican his only hope is to be the ‘not Obama’ vote. Let people vote for him that way, rather than focusing on his history.

    Sorry, that’s just a consequence of who we ended up nominating. Since people will have to choose between Obama, who has been an extremely large disaster, and Romney, who probably will end up somewhere between a small and medium disaster, Romney’s best bet is for people to not think about him at all. Because if they’re just picking between disasters, they’re more likely to stay home and not vote at all.

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