New *Obama* campaign button makes him look like hit and run victim…

…while cosplaying* Reservoir Dogs.

No, really:

If Mitt Romney put out a button like that about Barack Obama, there would be torchlight demonstrations outside Romney’s main campaign office within twenty-four hours.  It is in fact, so bad a button that I hope that the person who came up with this one for the Obama campaign got promoted…

(Via @cprater)

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Short for ‘costume play.’ Sort of like reenacting Civil War battles, only for movies and books and stuff.

13 thoughts on “New *Obama* campaign button makes him look like hit and run victim…”

  1. I’m not seeing the hit-and-run victim. I am seeing the Reservoir Dogs. What am I missing, please help?

  2. But what character in Reservoir Dogs? That the important question for Obama the cosplayer, knowing him it would be a composite character.

  3. I think the guy who ran him over should have his muffler checked. It looks like it’s dragging. Unless of course he was being chased by someone on a bicycle.

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