This MS Surface Tablet thingy looks interesting.

Enough that I may look into it when it becomes time to replace my iPad 2.  I am not planning to pick up an iPad 3; the advances aren’t enough to justify dropping that kind of cash, and neither is the swank factor.  But if the Surface is really this good at content creation… well, there’s a limit to how much fun I can glean from trying to make the iPad act like a computer.


  • Doug Stewart says:

    No release price. I’m guessing low-spec 11″ MacBook Air as an equivalent.

    Plus, no one’s been able to lay a real finger on the best feature — that trackpad-cum-keyboard-cum-Smart-Cover.

    Now, would I buy one of those t-c-k-c-S-C’s for an iPad? You bet your life I would.

  • Jay says:

    Just make sure you’re drooling over the right model. The RT is on it’s own operating system, while the Pro is running Windows 8. Without full specs, it’s hard to make too many predictions, but I would guess that the Pro will “act like a computer”.

  • countrydoc says:

    I picked up an iPad 3 for my wife of 19 years. Its pretty cool watching this woman from the Philippines who grew up on a farm washing clothes in the river on a rock be glued for hours on this thing. The world is a funny place.

    BTW the internet has destroyed the cookbook market. Why buy a book, when the recipes are free?

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