I am hearing ominous rumblings…

…about both Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Brave.


If you’ve seen either, please let the rest of us know whether there is heartbreak in store for us.


  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    Quote from my wife about Abe: “Trying to figure out what book that came from, because it wasn’t the one I read!”

  • Scott says:

    Saw it last night, enjoyed the heck out of it. Bryan Preston gave it 3.5 stars, and I think that;s about right.

  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has… issues. My biggest dislike of the movie was its tone. Mainly, it seemed to want to play the premise straight, as a historical biopic. I don’t think it worked in the movie’s favor.

    I’d also state that the rules of the universe were never made particularly clear, so it was hard to contextualize the stakes. There were several occasions when I was looking at the screen, mouth agape, saying “what is going on?” Which shouldn’t really happen, when you have a premise as awesomely simple and full of potential as this.

    I never read the book but since I’m sure the book is better than the movie (they always are), I’d guess having a beer or three before the movie would make it more tolerable, if you were a fan of the book.

  • Murgatroyd says:

    Haven’t yu read Howard Tayler’s reviews of them?

  • Murgatroyd says:

    Haven’t you read Howard Tayler’s reviews of them?

  • Brian Swisher says:

    Saw “Brave” and quite enjoyed it…but then, I’m a sucker for women with Scottish accents…

  • Just saw Brave. Great movie. Not a modern “princess decides she doesn’t want to be a princess and turns into a 20th-century feminist” story. Focuses on mother-daughter relationship. Go for it.

    It is kinda scary for the under-10 crowd. Not as bad as TS3 though.

  • PB says:

    Saw Brave last night and it’s…pretty good. Not amazing, but a solid entry in the Disney princess list. And that’s part of the problem. It feels too generic compared to other Pixar movies.

    On the other hand, the preview for Pixar’s movie Wreck It Ralph looks absolutely amazing. Pixar does video game geek friendly movie? Yes please!

  • JJ says:

    Maven of Eventide reviewed Abe Lincon and said “It was not good, but it was awesome!” So I might check it out.

    Here’s the link:

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