#rsrh So. The Money’s all on-side for Romney.


If the majority of donors who attend this weekend’s gathering of hundreds of high dollar fundraisers go back home as fired up as Rodger Young, the Romney campaign will be in quite strong a financial position and the investment in time and effort for the event will be paid back many times over.

“I am going to bundle every penny I can bundle,” said Young, a donor at this weekend’s mixer for Romney donors, GOP stars, and Republican leaders.

Very good. I am happy to see that the members of my party with considerably more discretionary income than I do are in full agreement with me that we absolutely need to defeat Barack Obama at the polls this November.  Since Mitt Romney is the nominee – more importantly, since Romney is showing a welcome, and frankly pleasantly surprising, willingness to go after President Obama hammer and tongs – having the Money show up for him is excellent news.

Via @bdomenech.

Moe Lane

PS: Nope.  We are all one big, happy fleet these days.


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