#rsrh New York Magazine (!): Fork Time With President Obama.

Dan Amira of New York Magazine – shockingly, although perhaps that’s just my biases showing – has collected a few pictures showing an earlier, more innocent time when President Barack Obama still tolerated the innocent fork in his presence.  I should point out, of course, that none of the people allowed to retain their individual forks in the very face of the President were Latino elected officials; I would hate to suggest that the President is profiling, here…

Via AoSHQ.

Moe Lane


  • Rob Crawford says:

    To be fair, one story did say the “impromptu” runs to burger joints were not included in the “nothing sharp near the president” policy. I think it’s an amusing story, definitely an opportunity to swipe at an increasingly clumsy White House, but probably a sign of SOP rather anything new.
    Then again, President Bush flew into a warzone and served a turkey to a dining hall full of soldiers. I don’t recall *THEM* being denied forks, and given the desperation of the left to smear that story any way they could, I suspect we’d have heard. I mean, they *still* believe the “plastic turkey” BS.

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