Komen Death Watch: June 26, 2012.

Looks like Komen is still losing support:

Two years ago St. Louis participation in the annual [Race For The Cure] hit a record of more than 71,000.

Three days before Saturday’s 14th annual race, around 44,000 have signed up to take part.

Via AoSHQ, via LifeNews.  The race managed to get participation up to 51,000 or so – still significantly less than last year’s – and the organizers have put a brave face on this, but I submit that this still at least hints at the possibility that Komen has successfully damaged its brand with pro-life women in its rush to appease professional pro-choice groups.  Which is stupid, given that such appeasement clearly has not improved Komen’s participation and fundraising numbers… but God forbid that any group that ever contributed to abortion services in any way, shape, or form ever be allowed to shut down the spigot.

Moe Lane

PS: A suggestion for anybody out there who went off on Komen for eliminating PP funding; less back-patting, and more cutting checks for Komen to make up for the loss in revenue.  You broke it; you bought it.

Or… was it really about keeping minority birth rates down, after all?


  • BigGator5 says:

    Or… was it really about keeping minority birth rates down, after all?

    To quote a classic movie: Frankly, my dear Moe, I don’t give a damn anymore. I am going to raise my children to be pro-life and conservative, hoping they do the same for their children. If the American Left want to keep their birth rates artifically low, that’s their own blood-soak problem.

  • BigGator5 says:

    Added: Komen broke themselves by going off message and then compounded the problem by back-paddling in a very pandering way. Now everyone hates them. Komen made their own bed, let them sleep in the mess the made!

  • Doug Stewart says:

    It’s Dar al Harbortion: any property, person or place ever ceded to the forces of Margaret bin Sanger are ALWAYS the property of the Meghammedans. If THEY can’t have Komendalusia, they sure as heck are going to deny it to others.

  • Dan Irving says:

    I particularly love how the local CBS affiliate is spinning the drop as due to Komen dropping support for PP and not it’s subsequent reversal. As BG5 put it – they broke themselves.

  • MWR says:

    I would say Komen has damaged it’s brand not just with pro-life individuals, but with pro-abortion ones, too. They pulled their funding from PP and only reinstated it under duress, which left a LOT of bad feeling on that side of the aisle. And the fact that they DID reinstate the funding left even MORE bad feeling on our pro-life side. So basically Komen burned two bridges in quick succession and has found itself stuck on an island with no ferry back to the mainland as a result.

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