#rsrh Claire McCaskill (D, MO) ducks out of the Democratic Convention.

I was half-tempted to let this news pass without real comment – after all, it’s hardly news that Democratic politicians are finding their national (and Obama-dominated) convention to be about as congenial as a leper colony, and for roughly the same reasons – but I couldn’t let this bit of half-hearted apologia get away without taking a slap at it:

The aide stressed that McCaskill did not attend the 2004 Democratic National Convention, when she was running for governor of Missouri.

Indeed.  2004.  The year where the Democratic nominee was a pumped-up cipher with no meaningful accomplishments in his political career, a rhetorical style often miscalled ‘eloquent’ but really ‘grandiose,’ and whose stale, recycled faux-populist message merely ensured that his opponent got a majority of the popular vote.  Can’t imagine why Claire’s seeing parallels to that

Moe Lane

PS: A certain amount of inherent cruelty requires me to point out that McCaskill lost that election in 2004.  Too.


  • Shawn says:

    I’m fairly certain, living in SW MO as I do, that former Obama Spear-carrier McCaskill will be losing ‘this’ time too. Most here don’t forget her showing up on the TV every time they needed a spokesperson, and he’s not exactly popular here these days.

    It makes it easier I don’t have to vote for corrupticrat Blunt to vote her out, too.

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