A conservative defense of The Newsroom!

Sorta. In a ‘With friends like these…’ sort of way.

Unlike The West Wing, The Newsroom isn’t set in an alternate world in which the universe innately favors liberals. Instead it’s set in an alternate version of the past, in which liberals were smarter and won all the arguments that they ended up losing here. And the existence of The Newsroom is the greatest possible concession that the argument was lost.

There’s no reason for Republicans to look down on The Newsroom. It’s a safer outlet for liberal anger than Occupy Wall Street. It’s a miniature universe in which they are smarter, nobler and better than everyone else. Children have fantasy worlds like that. There’s no reason that liberals shouldn’t. Not only does it give them the security of believing that they really were superior, but it prevents them from learning any useful lessons from their defeat.Read, as they say, the whole thing.

It’s funny, though: I still miss Sports Night.  Jeremy is one of my favorite TV characters ever.

(H/T: @CatholicismUSA)


  • Morgan says:

    OK, Moe. I work nights and watch no network TV so I have to know: have any of the characters compared their SAT scores yet?

  • physics geek says:

    If liberals acted in public life the way that they do on The Newsroom, they would be signing their own political death warrant.

    If only. From his keyboard to God’s eyes.

  • Spegen says:

    Always enjoyed Sports Night too. after it was cancelled, rumours persisted for years about bringing it back in some form (at the time: HBO or cable were common solutions suggested). Reminds me how many of us hope other shows could be resurrected such as Firefly (a Netflix original?).

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