Meet the Seventeen… Erm. “Not-Traitors”… to Eric Holder.

“Treason doth never prosper*…?

And what a fascinating rogues’ gallery they are, too.  Via @GeorgiaTipsheet, meet the seventeen Democrats who voted to hold Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for his ongoing coverup of the Fast & Furious gunrunning schedule:

Candidate District Opponent
Mike Ross AR-04 Tom Cotton
John Barrow GA-12 TBD
Leonard Boswell IA-03 Tom Latham
Joe Donnelly IN-SEN Richard Mourdock
Ben Chandler KY-06 Andy Barr
Tim Walz MN-01 TBD
Collin Peterson MN-07 TBD
Mike McIntryre NC-07 David Rouzer
Larry Kissell NC-08 TBD
BIll Owens NY-21 Matt Doheny
Kathy Hochul NY-27 Chris Collins
Dan Boren Retiring TBD
Mark Critz PA-12 Keith Rothus
Jason Altmire Retiring
Jim Matheson UT-04 Mia Love
Ron Kind WI-03 TBD
Nick Rahall WV-03 Rick Snuffer

Of the seventeen, two are retiring (one unwillingly), one is currently in the process of losing the Indiana Senate race, three (Kind, Peterson, & Walz) are currently rated as being in ‘safe’ districts… and the other eleven are pretty much scared out of their minds that they’re going to be tossed out on their ears in November.  With good reason: every one of these people have been tainted by their willingness to enable House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s radical agenda, and the GOP will cheerfully replace them with actual conservatives – i.e., Republicans – in a heartbeat.

And the funny part?  If the Democrats want to even pretend to be trying to get the House back, they’re going to have to support every single one of these candidates who is running for re-election.  Because if the Democrats don’t… well.  It’s enough of an absurdity that the Democrats can get 25 seats back (particularly since every challenger out there learned today that he or she now has to explain why he or she is in favor of Obamacare’s half trillion dollar health tax).  But to risk losing a bunch of seats on top of that?  That’s absurdity thrown up on top of absurdity.  Nope, honestly, no real choice here for the Democrats.  But that’s all right.  After all, nobody who matters on the Democratic side will be affected by the necessity to reward these Democrats’ not-treason.  What’s that?  What about the progressive sacrificial lambs who won’t get DCCC money because it has to go to somebody who back-stabbed Eric Holder?

Bless your heart, but what part of ‘nobody who matters‘ was unclear?

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*”…What’s the reason?/ Why, if it prosper / None DARE call it treason.”


  • OU812 says:

    I just hope we can get the Senate and WH both or otherwise this monstrosity will never go away…

  • qsclues says:

    Walz is one of those Ds in a slightly R district who skates by on his NRA endorsement. It’s my original home district, and there are lots of hunters there. So no surprise he did that…he could have been in trouble otherwise.

  • Leonie says:

    Kathy Hochul is running for 27 because she had no choice; her original district was gerrymandered out from under her. Her husband is William Hochul, US Attorney for the Western District of New York State. He’s a straight arrow, from all reports, so I’d speculate that he and she are as offended by AG Holder’s behavior and attitude as we are.

    It’s not enough to get me to vote for her, but it’s a Good Thing, none the less.

  • Boatswain's Mate says:

    One minor correction: There are THREE retirements in your list. Mike Ross, D-Ark., is also not running for reelection.

  • countrydoc says:

    “actual conservatives – i.e., Republicans”
    Not necessarily a true statement. If it was, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

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