Tough call on the next OGRE miniature purchase.

Putting together a Vatican Guard versus Ogrethulhu match-up, and I’ve just primered my Popemobile Fencer, so it’s time to order another set. ¬†Go with the Luftpanzer Company, because, well, GEVs? Or go with Battlesuit Battalions, because, well, armored priests in battlesuits?

Tough call.

Moe Lane

PS: Can’t get both at the current time. Cash flow.

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  • Will says:

    I remember OGRE and G.E.V. fondly, but they led to other, more time-consuming and expensive games.

    You’re obviously better at dancing on the edge of the abyss than I, a gamer in recovery, ever was. I’m getting some nostalgic satisfaction from this new magnificent obsession of yours.

    Have fun, but please… game responsibly.

  • Catseye says:

    I would tend to go with the Luftpanzers but I do find the Battlesuit option interesting. Infantry can do alot of damage.

  • Becky says:

    Great to see another conservative into miniatures.

    No idea what you should get. I am more partial to vehicles than infantry.

    I am currently addicted to Spartan Games steam-punk stuff.

  • Donald says:

    So, in looking at their online store, they have the Ogre Miniature rules e-book. is that the new version or will that be obsolete when the kick-starter relaunch happens?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Donald: as I understand it, they’re going to be using the same rules; the e-book represents an updated version of the original paperback (which is very pretty: full-color, for one thing). I assume that you can order the current version and if Steve Jackson decides to fiddle further with the rules you’d be able to get an updated copy. But right now any changes seems to be in the field of fiddling with point totals and/or special rules for individual unit types. No major changes to gameplay, IOW.

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