#rsrh Obama/DNC come up short to Romney/RNC in fundraising AGAIN.

Well, I guess that this week is going to suck for Barack Obama, too. $71 million to Romney/RNC’s $106 million, apparently:

For the second month in a row, President Barack Obama’s vaunted fundraising operation fell to Mitt Romney’s, as the president was outraised by about $35 million in June.

Obama’s been having a lot of bad weeks lately.  Of course, we don’t know the Cash On Hand numbers, yet.  And we’re not going to know them for a while yet, because President Burn Rate probably doesn’t really feel like bringing that particular bit of embarrassing campaign detail front and center…

Via @RyanGOP.

Moe Lane

PS: Mitt Romney for President.


  • countrydoc says:

    Thus, we will be hearing much more about the evils of money in politics; a topic that was mysteriously absent when Obama was out raising McCain.

  • jetty says:

    Bad week for Barack Obama? You’ve got to be kidding. He hasn’t had a single bad week, ever. The legislative tonnage put out under this administration, the runaway EPA, the massive increase of people dependent on government handouts, opening our southern border, the diminishing of America influence abroad, the potential of surrendering our sovereignty due to debt, and now the new gestapo/IRS…Obama just keeps winning.

  • jetty says:

    Oh, I forgot to add, John Roberts.

  • NotSoBlueStater says:

    I had a good friend came to me in utter despair the day after the 2004 election. She was inconsolable and incredibly confused that someone so — wrong — could be re-elected. So, no, I don’t understand why Obama remains as popular as he is right now, but I’m not dumb enough to even feign surprise if he’s re-elected. It just feels as though even though most everything has gone wrong or been done wrong, he’s not paying for it.

  • Aruges says:

    I was feeling pretty good about this election until Roberts stabbed us in the back. Perhaps I’m still working through the grief, but I’m pretty pessimistic right now.

  • Spegen says:

    I have noticed the sense of resignation amongst a lot of people lately. They don’t want Obama but feel that his re-election is inevitable. These numbers do show that there is a movement against Obama and that if we can offer an alternative, he can be defeated.

  • BCochran1981 says:

    Note that there was no despair in my comment. Simple pointing and laughing. It’s a salve for the soul.

  • Shawn says:

    I’d be less prone to despair if Romney campaigned against Obama with the amount of aggression he showed toward those in his own party.

    Unfortunately, like McCain, he seems intent on bringing a knife to a gun fight, just like Karl Rove told them both to do. All that money isn’t going to do any good if the only thing he campaigns on is his nice hair.

  • Catseye says:

    For those who don’t understand here are the rules all of us cats live by: 1: Your always going to be alone 2: Your always going to be out numbered 3: The other guy is going to cheat 4: How badly you want to win is going to be demonstrated by how much blood on the ground is yours. Addendum There are NO allies! there are only fellow travellers on your way, they do so for their own reasons at their pace! Not yours! Buck up and move on! Despair is for the weak and the dead! Hint, when a big male Tom climbs up a tree it’s for tactical advantage. Tiger forced the euthanasia of 3 dogs that way. But then he was mean cat, I have scar from him. Teachers come in all shapes and sizes.

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