RS Interview: David Rouzer (R CAND, NC-07).

Well.  North Carolina just sort of… fell apart for the Democrats over the last few years, huh?  The Democratic Governor is fleeing her job, the legislature flipped, the districts have gotten redrawn to eliminate some truly egregious gerrymandering, and the upcoming Democratic convention in Charlotte threatens to be a public relations disaster.  It’s not very surprising, then, that NC-07 Democratic incumbent Mike McIntyre is sweating this election – Cook has him as Toss-Up, which is pretty much solely because of incumbency – and it’s even less surprising that Republican NC state Senator David Rouzer is eager for the general election.  We talked a little on the election, and what got done in the state legislature over the last couple of years:

David’s site is here.

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  1. I just moved to this district, and there’s something interesting I’d love to hear Rouzer’s take on: McIntyre is voting conservative (one of seven D’s to vote with the Republicans on ObamaCare repeal), shunning Obama, and talking as though he’s an independent voice in Congress. It’s probably his only choice given the new district, but it also has some appeal. The danger (and maybe it’s not, really) is that McIntyre (in his desperation, perhaps) is playing the “Dixiecrat” role, which is bound to peel off some moderates and independents (even me, maybe, but I’m obviously suspicious of McIntyre’s new found conservatism) Does Rouzer plan to respond to this?

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