#rsrh Rev. Jesse Jackson forgets who his son works for. (Spoiler warning: it’s for all of US*.)

I’d normally be more or less willing to wait until the Wheel of True Reasons finished spinning on Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr and let us know whether his ‘exhaustion’ was actually sex addiction, prescription drug overdose, other substance abuse, suicidal depression – or, hell, actual exhaustion.  But this statement by Jackson’s father is simply too arrogantly provocative, even for the Rev. Jesse Jackson.  And that’s saying something.

At an event in Chicago on Monday, Jackson’s father offered no details either.

“He is under medical supervision to regain his strength,” the Rev. Jesse Jackson said. “At an appropriate time he’ll share with the public that which he feels they should have.”

Speaking as a representative of the public – which is something that I am just as qualified to be as Rev. Jackson, particularly when it comes to discussing the behavior of federal legislators – the ‘appropriate time’ is ‘now’ and the information we ‘should have’ is ‘all of it.’

Seriously, the Democrats are only making it worse for themselves.

Moe Lane

*If he was a state legislator, he’d just be working for the people of Illinois generally as well as his district.  But Jackson is a federal congressman who votes on laws that affect me.


  • jeff james says:

    As Monty Python said in “Life of Brian”…..Always look at the bright side…” He’s NOT voting on laws that affect you, at least for now.

  • Jbird says:

    I believe that according to the law, I (and JJ Jr.) don’t have to share with my employer why I’m taking medical leave, but if he/she asks me to, I do have to provide documentation from a physician that I am suffering from an (unspecified) medical condition that requires that I take leave. After my paid leave is exhausted, I can continue on unpaid medical leave for a time (12 weeks?). That’s my understanding of FMLA anyway.
    Do Congressmen & women get paid leave or do they just come and go as they please? Seems a tad unfair that as a taxpayer that I would have to pay an elected official who is missing in-session time whether they are sick, on vacation, or running for another office no matter how much time they miss.

  • Darin H says:

    Jbird, laws??? I’m sure that Congress has exempted themselves from that particular legislation, as they always do.

  • Chris Chittleborough says:

    Ace has a report that JJJr is “receiving treatment for alcoholism in Arizona”.

  • K M Scane says:

    Perhaps the daily grind of being a chronic moron, and having to Live Up to ‘Jesse’s Legacy’ is just too much for the poor guy. He’s just Necked Out/filled to the brim.
    Do I spy a Baby Mama, hereabouts?
    BOLO for that one, guys…….

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