#rsrh NAACP kind of hinting that they’d like more attention from Barack Obama.

Because they’re not really feeling the love.

The black leaders that attended the NAACP Convention here Thursday heaped praise on Vice President Joe Biden for a heated morning speech, but one question quietly pervaded the gathering: Where was President Obama?

Is this a serious question? – Because the serious answer is Doing something more important than stroking the egos of the representatives of a demographic that will be voting for him anyway.  It’s not even a question of bad optics; it’s just that Obama’s not going to move the fundraising and/or support needle at the NAACP enough to be worth his while, and it’s not like the President’s really all that authentic an African-American in the first place.  The man’s a urban liberal academic, folks.  That’s pretty damned rabiblanco.

Moe Lane

PS: If the African-American community sincerely wants more attention from the Democratic party, though, there’s an easy solution: start voting Republican.


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