#rsrh xkcd gets the political blogosphere again.

Although I don’t know if Randall intended to, this time:

It is a matter of some amusement to me when I encounter individuals 0r sites who seem to think that my job is to convince them out of whatever particular delusion that they’re suffering from.  My job is not to convince people at all, in fact.  My job is to make rhetorical tools and hand them off to people who will then use them in political discussions on a local level.  The job of the aforementioned individuals/sites – whether they know it or not – is to distract me from that.  And the more they scream at me, the wider I smile: because that screams means that I am doing my job and they are not…


Moe Lane

PS: I suspect what really bothers some people is that I am having fun.  And, really, there are a lot of fun aspects to this gig.  Some folks should try allowing themselves to be happy, for a change.  It’s good for the digestion.

PPS: If you found that previous portable-guru-PS to be helpful, by all means: tip jar.

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