#rsrh QotD, Not That Obama’s All That Likeable edition.

Well, Obama’s not very likeable to me.  It’s the way that the man keeps lashing out with all those insults masking a profound insecurity and guilty self-awareness that he was not, in point of fact, really prepared to be President of the United States of America.  Or Senator from Illinois.  Heck, there are days when the man must wake up and wonder what the hell he did in the Illinois legislature, because Obama can’t remember any of it.  They just gave him papers to sign, and my god what if one of those papers had bad stuff on it sure the infanticide one didn’t get any play but McCain didn’t like to fight and they’ll bring that up again and maybe there’s other stuff out there that nobody saw the first time…

I can say all of that because I’m not, of course, totally neurotic myself or anything.


Where was I?

Oh, right: Andrew Malcolm, on likeability.

Being liked can be a good thing. But in the end this time with all the immense problems so obviously confronting the country, likability may not be that critical.

After all, who do you want fixing your car? The likable guy who delivers late and way above the estimated cost, blaming the previous garage owner? Or the quiet fellow who finishes on time and comes in a little under his bid because he wants your repeat business?

Easy answer.  Even if I am neurotic.  Which I’m totally not.  Right?


  • jetty says:

    Delivers late? Delivers what late? What Obama wants and what most Americans want are two very different things. And Obama has already delivered, he just can’t crow about it…yet.

  • Brad S says:

    Then you have examples like FL Gov. Rick Scott, who apparently has bad poll numbers in spite of Floridians generally liking the policies he aggressively pushed. Emphasis on Aggressive.

  • Apple says:

    Obama didn’t deliver late… He put on scarily inefficient and dangerous accessories that while supposedly saving the vehicles, in reality, keep more and more drivers off the road.

    Hey! This vehicle analogy is pretty fun!

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