…I got nothing, sorry.

Except the standard “Don’t ever f*cking trust a Commie,” of course. 

Sorry, but I actually found that copy of Kingdoms of Amalur that started gathering dust once Mass Effect 3 showed up and have been playing that instead of Skyrim*.  Well, at least until the DLC for the latter two start coming out.

Yeah, I know: very glamorous.

Moe Lane

*Which I have finally started to pick clean.  Only took me, what? Five, six hundred hours?


  • Gerald says:

    So your not getting along in skyrim? I found that concentrating on as few skills as possible enable faster advancement. Where where you when you shelved it? I lost my mask of clavicus vile and now my gold is harder to keep and grow.

    Does anyone ever approve new diary requests @redstate?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Oh, I’m doing fine with Skyrim: I just want to play Dawnguard before I max out my current character. I’ve played through the game once already and my second run-through is sitting at 79th level.

      As to diary requests, I don’t do that bit, sorry. Did you email the site?

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