I postulate that one goal of the Aurora murderer…

…was to retroactively deny the point of this clip from The Dark Knight (a movie that may have obsessed the person):


I, for one, have no particular intention to indulge the fellow.  Scan him for a tumor and check him for schizophrenia.  If deemed sane, try him for murder; if convicted, well, Colorado has a death penalty.  Even if he doesn’t get the needle, well, he’ll have plenty of time to contemplate his sins. Half a century, if his health holds out.

And in five years? Utter obscurity.  To paraphrase Herodotus: I know his name, but I will not repeat it.

Moe Lane

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  • serr8d says:

    Mr. Joker was obsessed with Hollywood’s cinematic drug-culture of violence & guns. Why else does he choose a theater to give his final mimic-performance act? Also see: the Columbine killer’s obsession with The Matrix.

    No, but the New York Times and Bloomberg will tell their audience of LeftLibProggs it’s time to ban guns, and cocoon Citizens in the strong arms of Nanny State Government.

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