I have not many opinions on the #paterno situation…

…aside from Pedophilia is evil; so is covering it up; and I don’t watch college football anyway.  But one pop-culture thought about this picture:

…and that it’s likely that this statue will be in the background of any number of super-villain lairs, particularly if the villain in question happens to be the sort who steals things.  It’s the outstretched arm, pointing: makes it visually arresting, or whatever the term is.


  • Spegen says:

    They should move the statue to another location were they can put up the full story- goo bad and ugly to remind the future alumni that there is more to college than athletic achievement

  • Cameron says:

    I’m sure that there is an artillery range that could have used a man-sized target.

  • BigGator5 says:

    If I were a super-villain, I’d have stolen the statue.
    It looks like a black guy, with his head cover, pointing to the sky and being lead away by men in hard-hats. That is how it looks to me without context. #thatsracist

  • physics geek says:

    They should melt down the statue and reform into a toilet, put into a public restroom.

  • Occam's Tool says:

    The asshole could have called up child protection services at any time—reports done in good faith (as this would be) are immune from retaliatory prosecution.

    They stripped his statue, took 14 years of wins off his record, and chyarged the University SIXTY MEELLYON DOLLARS!

    I’ve always hated jocks anyway, as a braniac nerd. I found this amusing. Oh, and they are keeping them from bowls for 4 years, and forcing the University to let any football player transfer out OR sit on his ass and collect his athletic scholarship while NOT playing football. Plus, they reduced their scholarships from 25 a year for Football to 15.

    Burn in HELL, Paterno.

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