Ah, I see that Baron Klaus Wulfenbach has finally found a worthy opponent…

himself.  It must be tricky, coming up with ways to utterly sabotage the commands coming from the alien mind control device in your head while at the same time appearing to be following its orders to the letter.

Although, to be fair: “following orders to the letter” is one of the classic sabotage methods.

4 thoughts on “Ah, I see that Baron Klaus Wulfenbach has finally found a worthy opponent…”

  1. Ms. Mongfish may be clever and sparky, but the good Baron has been playing politics and command against some very smart and dangerous people (the “crowned heads of Europe”, all of whom can agree on nothing except how much they dislike HIM) for decades now. He’s not only clever; he’s also subtle, sophisticated, and very very nasty.
    I have no doubt that he can be out-thought, but I also have no doubt Lucretzia (heck, not even Lucretzia herself- just a copy of her personality) isn’t the one to do that job.
    She’s never even gonna see the knife coming, folks.

  2. We saw him doing that, right under Lunevka’s nose, when he relayed the story that Tarvek successfully interpreted.

  3. The Foglios spent the better part of a decade plotting this out, and it shows.

    I wonder where Zola is?

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