#rsrh Politico: there are 18 CONFIRMED fools in the Democratic House Caucus.

Yes, yes, I know: the real number is much larger.  But note the use of the word confirmed: that term was not chosen at random.  Observe, from this story about incumbent House Democrats sensibly avoiding their dues to the DCCC, thus saving their precious campaign money to save their own seats:

As of June 30, 64 Democrats — around one-third of the entire caucus — hadn’t paid anything to the DCCC, according to a party document provided to POLITICO. Another 109 members had paid only a portion of what they owe in dues, which are calculated based on seniority and committee assignments.

There are 191 House Members. Subtract the 64 who haven’t paid any dues to the DCCC and 109 for those who have only paid a portion of them, that leaves 18 Members of Congress who have paid their dues in full. And, since it is reasonable to equate “anybody who throws money down the DCCC rat-hole while Nancy Pelosi is still House Minority Leader” with “fool” it then follows that AT LEAST eighteen members of the current Democratic House Caucus are self-confessed idiots.

That’s logic, that is.

Moe Lane


  • acat says:

    Or, alas, 18 Dems running in absolutely safe districts, with a hard lock on their seats…

    Jesse Jackson Jr. used to leap to mind …


  • BigGator5 says:

    Only 18? I’d thought that be more than that…

  • K M Scane says:

    Me-wonders out loud what it costs these days to hang around with Professional navel-gazers and fully grown infants? ‘Value for dollar’ means it can’t be very much…..
    You’d have to Pay Me to even pick up a phone if one of these jokers was on caller-I D .
    Have we finally found something Progressives won’t do, to further “The Cause”?
    Maybe DWS should stick around for a while……

  • Mikey NTH says:

    That is a vote of no confidence if I ever heard of one.

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