So, basically, it’s a digital aquarium.

An e-quarium?

In real-time.

I don’t know why that’s weird, but it is.  Maybe because it’s one of those things that people from the Sixties figured that we’d do with radio-televisors, once we had them.  I’m so used to folks getting the exact flavor of the future shock wrong that when they actually do call something it’s a bit… off…

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  • wolfwalker says:

    Why not?

    Long and long ago, where there were dragons in the hills and serpents in the seas, one of the first cult-hit pieces of software for Windows was “After Dark.” It was the Very First screen saver, which kept the screen phosphors in motion so that you didn’t get a single image ‘burned’ onto the screen. It was best known for ‘Flying Toasters,’ but I preferred the ‘Fishes’ module. This is naught but a modern version of ‘Fishes.’

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