#rsrh Food trucks and a regulatory regime: what’s the outcome?

This video from The Economic Freedom Project – one of a series – puts a human face on what a top-heavy regulatory climate actually means.

For those without video: it shows a spokesman for the (very popular) DC Food Truck Association, which has been waging a low-key war for years to be able to operate on DC city streets.  That link above gives a pretty good idea of the state of mobile food truck regulation in 2010; of particular note is the way that said war has been waged largely in the interpretation and enforcement of various regulatory schemes.  Which is an aspect of of over-regulation that does not perhaps get as much play as it should.

Moe Lane

PS: I’m agnostic on DC food trucks, largely because I have a low opinion of Dizzy City cookery anyway; frankly, compared to Giuliani-era NYC DC cooking is astoundingly meh. I do know this: change may suck, but the vendor exists for the customer, not the other way around.


  • From ME to you says:

    Note that the speaker in the video said he and “his husband” started the business. I didn’t see a mob of rabid Christians asking DC to shut him down!

    The local Restaurant Association…now that may be another matter but it’s not because of his choice of spouse! More likely because they don’t like the competition.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      From ME to you: Christians in DC have to eat, too. This town is a f*cking culinary wasteland; I’ve eaten better in Trenton.

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