Just chewed through The Sword-Edged Blonde.

The full title is The Sword-Edged Blonde: An Eddie LaCrosse Novel; I picked it up as a result of this tweet from author Alex Bledsoe in relation to this Kickstarter (Bledsoe’s written a story for it). It’s a combination fantasy/pulp, less overtly magical than Glen Cook’s Garrett, PI series but with much the same aesthetic.  I liked it: good plot, if a bit too flashback-heavy; characterization was suitable for pulp; the author put in all the clues; and, finally – THIS IS SOMETHING THAT I CANNOT EMPHASIZE ENOUGH –  all the characters had recognizable names.  I know that the fashion is to make ’em up, but unless you’re JRR Tolkien you probably don’t have the linguistic chops to quite pull it off.  Seriously, not having to constantly keep a mental list of who the [expletive deleted] was who made it a lot easier to read.

Worth it on the Kindle, at least.  I’ve got a little extra Amazon credit left; I’ll grab the next one in the series, and then go from there. Which is a pretty good endorsement, right there.

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