#rsrh …What the heck is Obama going to run on after Labor Day?

I mean, he might be able to coast until the conventions, but after that: all the expected stuff’s been used up already.  Sure, Obama can recycle existing stuff, but it loses its freshness quickly.  Not least because it usually didn’t really work the first time, either.

I’m almost keen to see what they can scrape up.  Emphasis on almost: the goal is to maximize chances for victory, of course.  Fair fights are for other people.

Moe Lane

PS: No, Americans don’t do fair fights.  We do square fights. What’s the difference?  Well, a fight between a trained Marine and some loudmouth would-be bad boy isn’t a fair fight.  Four-on-one isn’t a square fight.  Which would you feel more obligated to stop?

PPS: Fortunately, Romney doesn’t have Obama’s problem.  Romney’s message about his opponent can stay Dear God, but that man is incapable of running the country because, well, Obama keeps demonstrating precisely that.

18 thoughts on “#rsrh …What the heck is Obama going to run on after Labor Day?”

  1. I still doubt that there will even BE an election. Ballot stuffing will only carry Obama so far, and he won’t risk losing, IMO.
    But how, Jetty, will he circumvent the law to cancel the election? To ask such a question means you haven’t been paying attention to Obama.

    1. The election will not be canceled. The Democratic party will not commit mass political suicide to keep this man in office for four more years.

  2. Well since we seem to be heading into another recession and the numbers seem to coincide with a slide in his polling numbers. As the economy worsens so will his numbers. I believe that things will be bad enough by the Democratic Convention that he may want to withdraw rather then suffer a humiliating defeat. I don’t believe the D’s will let him. I don’t believe we’ll be in the next recession by November but it will be close and it will be obvious. And Kyle starting a war in that situation Will backfire, Badly.

  3. If we had elections in 1864 then there is nothing Obama can do to stop 2012. I mean it’s a given that he’ll cheat and the graveyards will suddenly become empty but it ain’t like he can stop the election. And if he starts another war in the Mideast we’ll see a lot of live youths stay home.

  4. I agree with Moe on this he cancels the election and the balloon goes up the Democrats die and they Know it. They might want to but they won’t. Especially if things get as bad as I think they’ll get. They will cheat, but it don’t matter if it a’int close. GOTV! I take it you guys got cars, do something! Sign up now!

  5. The thing I would want to know is just how they would even try to cancel the election without the support of the military? Because that’s what it would take and I’m not so sure the military would currently take an illegal order like that even from somebody they liked. @[email protected]

  6. I don’t think Barry Lackwit has the cajones to cancel the election outright. What he’ll do is try to steal it – that is, after all, the Chicago way. It all depends on how close the actual voting is, and how many of the vote-counters are soul-servants of the Lackwit. If Romney wins going away, then I think there are enough people with scraps of honor left on the D-side to hold the line.

    In the VERY unlikely case that the Lackwit does try to cancel the election, and some sort of violence breaks out … the outcome will depend on what the police and the Armed Forces do. If they obey their oaths, Lackwit will either be executed outright for treason, or spend the rest of his life in jail.

  7. I’m concerned about a ‘Reichstag Fire’ stunt, such as a faked assassination attempt at the last moment before the election.

    1. SteveG: Even if I thought that Obama would try, given his track record lately he’d probably just end up overthrowing the territorial government of the US Virgin Islands.

  8. There will be a financial crisis erupt far worse than what we saw in 2008.

    The hope being that voters will stick with the folks in charge or, if not, the GOP majorities and President party coming in will have such a mess on their hands that 4 years wont even scratch the surface of healing it.

    4 years of media calling attention to the crisis, that is.

  9. What he’s gopnna run on:
    “I’m black, and my opponent is a racist who hates women and the poor!”

    And I think very seriously that canceling the election/voiding the results are on the menu… the Dems have been telling themselves that ‘the ends justify the means’ and ‘by any means necessary’ that they are likely to do almost anything if they think they’re gonna lose this one. Remember, they have a track record for doing massively destructive things when elections don’t turn out exactly as they wish.

  10. Moe, that may be true… but since when has “certaity of self-destruction” ever stopped the Dems?

  11. “He’s going to run on the war he starts in the Middle East. Duh.”
    Middle East or Middle West?

  12. What will Obama run on? Every little contretemps he, his campaign, and their media allies can manufacture. From here on, Romney better check every seat for a whoopie cushion before sitting.

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