#rsrh The Corner contemplates the ‘solyndra’ as a unit of measurement.

It’s very flattering*:

What gave me the idea was something in a posting by Moe Lane on Romney’s trip to Jerusalem, where he wrote: “President Obama did best, with his ever-so-sudden $70 million funding of Israeli missile defense (that’s about .14 solyndras*)”. So, how about the $535 million in Solyndra loan guarantees be rechristened as equaling one “solyndra”? This way, the bridge to nowhere would have cost three-quarters of a solyndra ($398 million), the direct Defense Department costs of the Iraq war were 1,416 solyndras, annual farm subsidies are 43 solyndras, the annual budget of the Commerce Department is 15 solyndras, and so on.

My only quibble on this is that we should define the number as being 500 million, not 535 million.  535 is not as useful a number as 500: the latter is usefully decimal.  Or perhaps 540 million? That’s fairly duodecimal.  I’m willing to be flexible on this.

Moe Lane

*It’d be more flattering if I could remember whether or not it was original.  I don’t remember seeing it elsewhere, but surely I’m not the first person to come up with the basic idea…

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