#rsrh A curse upon Revealing Politics and its insidious Earth Logic!

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: it is usually fairly trivially easy to find people who don’t have a clue about how the universe works, and it’s only slightly less trivially easy to find clueless people who are wearing a convenient partisan political t-shirt. True, it’s probably even more trivially easy to find idiots at a Sandra Fluke rally – she’s gotten a nice little speaking career for herself there, huh? A shame that she’ll be discarded like an empty beer can once they have no further use for her – but still. Fish. Barrel.

However, there is still a skill in carefully extracting said idiocy in its most scintillating form… and Revealing Politics has that skill.

Government out of the bedroom! No federal contraception! …I love it. Mostly because the resulting memetic collision apparently turns the average person infected with the ‘government out of my body’ meme to go into brief cognitive shutdown.


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