#rsrh QotD, Let Us Count The Things Wrong With This Explanation edition.

I’m not precisely a culture warrior, but this ‘pushback’ on what is rapidly becoming an infamous YouTube video of a highly profane thirteen year old Chicago rapper does deserves special note:

Director P. Noble said Mouse’s mother and adult uncles were on the set, he made sure “Mouse did not have any guns and drugs on him,” didn’t realize there was a gun in the video because there was so much going on in front of the camera.

I count at least three things, myself.  In order… First, bluntly? If you don’t want to be a father, don’t f*ck[*].  Second: …somebody had to check to see whether a thirteen year old was holding and/or packing? Third, if your lifestyle is such that somebody packing heat can more or less randomly wander into your music video, then (to mangle a classic) you may be having tremendous difficulty with your lifestyle.

(via @SonnyBunch)

Moe Lane

*I had a rant here, but I’ll distill it down to this: show some damned self-control.  No, do it anyway.  And yes, birth control is a marvelous thing, but it’s no substitute for not letting your penis do your thinking for you.


  • Mike G. says:

    I don’t even know where to begin.

  • Jbird says:

    I thought this was a 2nd amendment friendly blog.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Jbird: heh. While this is a blog that supports the right to have a gun, and it is in fact a blog that supports the right to be an asshat, this blog does not in fact support the right to be an asshat with a gun. 🙂

  • Rob Crawford says:

    Ya know, the whole “there was too much going on; I couldn’t keep them from bringing a gun into the shoot” line should be inscribed on this guy’s tombstone. With an attitude like that towards gun safety, he’ll need one soon.

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