#rsrh Wow. A group that’s DUMBER than the DCCC! Amazing.

The story thus far: Sheldon Adelson is a billionaire who is supporting Mitt Romney in this election, which is why the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) recently accused him of being a pimp for the Chinese mob.  Mr. Adelson is also a Jewish billionaire supporting Romney, which is why the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) followed suit.  Mr. Adelson – who, by the way, spends a good deal of time fighting the after-effects of human trafficking – responded by (as I put it last week) casting Summon Elite Lawyer Ninja Squad, and the DCCC promptly caved.  Apparently the NJDC did not, which is why Mr. Adelson is now suing them for $60 million.

I note all of this because today’s Breitbart interview with prominent Democrat Alan Dershowitz is fascinating in its subtext – actually, it’s fascinating in its text, too:

“David Harris and the National Jewish Democratic Council are a bunch of liars. I, Alan Dershowitz, a Democrat, am calling for David Harris to step down in the interests of the Democratic Party. He’s going to turn Jewish voters away from the Democratic Party. They’re going to vote for the Republicans because of what David Harris and the National Jewish Democratic Council are doing.”

One wonders whether Mr. Dershowitz is speaking entirely in the third person, there.  And whether the likely Online Left’s reaction to Dershowitz’s apostasy will do anything to accelerate the development of said apostasy…

Moe Lane


  • Doug Stewart says:

    “I, Alan Dershowitz” is going to be an even better memoir than Horowitz’ “Radical Son”.

  • Rob Crawford says:

    Consider that Dersh is also likely getting nasty emails and phone calls for daring challenge the Myth of the Demon Zimmerman.
    (Yes, the prosecutor was appointed by a Republican, but her actions have been more in-line with Democrat myths and practices.)

  • BigGator5 says:

    So begins Alan Dershowitz’s slide to our side.
    Come my friend Dershowitz, we have cookies!

  • jetty says:

    Since this was directed at the NJDC I don’t expect a Corey Booker hostage video to follow. What a shame.

  • Lourae says:

    A rejection of lying liars—or a plea to stop sending votes to Republicans?

  • MikeCG says:

    If Bernard Nathanson can become pro-life, Alan Dershowitz can become a conservative. Thankfully for us the fools on the Left are too myopic to see the damage they are doing to their movement.

  • NotSoBlueStater says:

    The internal turmoil Dershowitz is showing is palpable. The irony is that it might just turn out that a soft and pliable media has left the left unable to deal with being called out on their lies and half truths. How ironic.

  • Patrick M says:

    Dershowitz is an interesting character and one I’d put in the category of ‘honest liberal’, which makes him as rare and useful as Palladium. He called out the lies and incompetence of the Zimmerman prosecutors recently, and if he says NJDC are clowns, they probably are.

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