So I just finished “Princess of Wands.”

Not bad, not bad: Ringo’s apparently ruthless when it comes to his friends and colleagues, though.  Or at least is prepared to subvert the expectations of his readers when it comes to villainy and who gets to survive.

I’ll probably pick up the sequel the next time somebody hits the tip jar.



  • BigFire says:

    On my to read pile. Currently finishing up Joe Abercrombie’s “The Heroes”. Unfortunately for me, the next book in the Circle of the World (Or The First Law) is not due until October. If you’re interested in reading some rather brutal and fun rendition of classical fantasy epic (Think Tolkein as written by Robert E. Howard) or Count of Monte Cristo, and a fantasy war novel (using Gettysburg as a template), you really should try out these novels.

    The first trilogy is call The First Law and they are:
    The Blade Itself
    Before They Are Hanged
    Last Argument of Kings

    Then we have the revenge thriller “Best Served Cold”.

    I’m finishing up with the War epic “The Heroes” and waiting for his fantasy Western “Red Country”.

  • Luke says:

    I’m not a fan of Abercrombie.
    He’s an excellent writer. He knows how to pick compelling storylines. He does excellent characterization. His worldbuilding is solid. Everything flows nicely. His world is dark and gritty with a pronounced nihilistic streak.
    That said, his books have been called “torture porn” for a reason. Lots and lots of squick, all described in loving and excruciating detail. If George R. R. Martin’s recent “A Dance With Dragons” made you cringe, you probably won’t be a fan of Abercrombie. (There are also deviant sex scenes. They can be disturbing as well.)

  • mb says:

    Would that sequel be Queen of Wands? Baen just sent me a freebie; if you send me your mailing address, I’ll be happy to pass it on to you.

  • BigFire says:


    Well, one of the 3 main character in The First Law trilogy is a torturer. And torturer does feature in the stand alone book Best Served Cold in which due to the subject matter is even darker than the first 3 books.

    I’m finishing up The Heroes now, and it’s nowhere as dark and despair as the previous book. But do give them a try.

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