I need a good speech to text transcriber.

It doesn’t have to be 100%; it just has to be on balance faster than listening to something five times, and then typing quickly.  Suggestions would be a mitzvah.

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  • Doug Stewart says:

    Doesn’t Mountain Lion have some of this built in already?

    Or the iPad…

  • BigGator5 says:

    Speech to text? Free? Good luck!

  • Skip says:

    What OS? Windows, since I think at least Vista, has had basic speech recognition built in, but I’ve never used it. For Macs I know there’s Dragon Dictate, which I think is what David Weber uses to write his books these days. But both of those are going to require you to learn how to speak in such a way as to be easily recognized, so if you’re trying to get video transcriptions I suspect they won’t work very well.

  • acat says:

    I’ve found the iPhone 4 speech-to-text to be pretty good.

    Open a new Note, click to add text, then click the microphone icon on the bottom of the keyboard.



    p.s. this should also be available, with a little hacking, on an iPad…

  • countrydoc says:

    For these sorts of things, I use my secretary or my wife. Hope that helps, I’m a giver.

  • Phil Smith says:

    Dragon dictation for the iPhone is free and doesn’t suck. I don’t know if they have an iPad app.

  • jocon307 says:

    My boss, an attorney LOVES the new Dragon. He is using it on a regular computer, but he is quite pleased with it and it does seem to be working very well. Not like the party game results of previous incarnations.

    We have a second atty using it now, no reviews from him yet, but he hasn’t thrown it on the fire yet.

  • Harvey says:

    Express Scribe

    It’s free, and it allows you to hotkey start, stop, rewind & fast forward.

    For example, using the arrow keys, I’ll tap up, let it play 5 or six words, tap down to stop, type the short phrase that I can easily remember, then repeat until I’m done transcribing – all in the same program.

    Beats my original method of hitting play on Windows Media Player, stopping, switching to my Word window, typing, switching back to WMP, etc.

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